Top Interior Design Trends in 2022

The new year is a chance to reinvent yourself. Reflect on the year that's gone by and start again, making the changes or improvements that you wished you had made last year. The same extends to the spaces we live in, after all, the past two years have seen us staying at home more than ever before. 

To help you add a few touches to your space, we've put together the 5 interior design trends that we are most looking forward to this year!
Biophilic Design
This concept is used in design to play off the desire for humans to be in nature, and bring that attraction to the natural world indoors. To start with, try adding a natural edge chopping board to your kitchen. Each board has stunning, unique patterns, due to the nature of the materials, each chopping board is completely individual.

1970's Colour Pallette

The 70's are back and we're thrilled about it! Incorporate elements of the 70's colour palette into your home easily with a terracotta, sage or mustard coloured throw.

Built To Last­

Sustainably sourced homeware is growing in demand. Not only is it better for the environment, but there's something so special about knowing that the items in your house have a history and that they're made to be handed down.

Felled in Western Australia in the 1800s, the Jarrah wood used in these lamps made its way to Ireland as ballast on emptied prison ships. This “Swan River Mahogany” found its second life as a Steam Age railway sleeper in a far-flung corner of rural Ireland.

Bold Colours & Patterns

It's time to embrace colour around the house. If you aren't ready to jump in with bright bold curtains, or a vibrant rug, try adding little pops of colour around the house. These stunning straight jugs are not just a fantastic addition to your dining table but also look great as a vase.

Creating A Space For Mindfulness

If there's one thing that the past two years has taught us, it's that it is so important to take care of your mental health. Set up a corner in your house that makes you feel relaxed and calm. Our Work From Home boxes have everything you need to get set up.

Happy Shopping!


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