Caulfield Country Boards

Care Package for Chopping Boards


A well cared for wooden board will last you a lifetime. 

To keep your wooden tableware and utensils in tip top condition, oil regularly with our food-grade mineral oil and seal with our natural beeswax. This will protect it from bending or cracking. Remove scratches with the sandpaper and emery paper included in the care package.

Top Tip: Be sure not to soak or put your boards through the dishwasher.


Our Care Package contains:

- refined Mineral Oil 250 ml

- Natural Wax (beeswax and mineral oil mix) 150 ml

- Emery paper 

- Sandpaper

Both the oil and wax are food safe, odourless, colourless, tasteless. Use them to treat wooden tableware and kitchen utensils that are in contact with food. Also included is emery paper and sandpaper to remove scratches from wooden boards.

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