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The Lucky Charms - Bridesmaid Hamper


Wedding prep is never easy, but the help of our nearest and dearest makes the seemingly endless slightly more manageable. Say thank you to your lucky bridesmaid with our The Lucky Charms - Bridesmaid Hamper. With Dublin Herbalist Bath Bombs to relax and generate before the big day, a Badly Made Books note book to record all the best memories and a Rathborne Botanical Bees candle so that there can be scent that will forever and always take them back to your special day.


Vines A5 Notebook

Vine pattern based on sketches by Steffi Dimitrova

- 112 pages
- 320gsm printed paperback cover, made in the EU from recycled material (100% post consumer waste)
- Notepaper: 140gsm cartridge paper, made in the UK from recycled coffee cups (80%)
- Designed, printed & bound in Cork City
- Badly made books are rubbish ~ 83% post-consumer waste
- Almost a5 size (200x140mm)

Dublin Herbalists Bath Bomb 

Dublin Herbalists I AM… Bath Bomb Set has been uniquely crafted using only the purest natural ingredients. Each delicately-fragranced bath bomb with its whimsical topping has been
carefully designed to enhance the mood. Relish in the finest fusions of Mother Earth’s gentlest Essential Oils combined with relaxing Epsom Salts.

Enjoy some precious “Me Time” and step into feeling Love, Free and Peace.

Botanical Bees - Herbal Woods Candles

Bright top notes of orange and bergamot offset clary sage, camomile and marjoram complimented by strong base notes of smooth sandalwood and cedarwood.

Bergamot and Orange oil are known for their soothing effects alleviating tension, anxiety and depression. Marjoram oil has been used therapeutically for centuries for its warming properties and ability to ease away aches and pains.

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