White Witch

Gift Set for Young Skin


Regenerating Skin Balm & Exfoliating Cleanser

Why they go together: Regenerating Skin Balm is very effective as a topical application for putting directly onto pimples to bring down swelling and reduce inflammation and redness in no time. The high percentage of copaiba is what helps to speed up healing of irritated or damaged skin and at the same time the essential oils will prevent infection and itchiness. It can be used all over the face at night or applying directly to spots anytime. The balm can be used for all cuts and scrapes and bruises too to speed healing.

Gentle Exfoliant cleanser was White Witch’s first product. It was made originally for washing new born baby skin. The main ingredient is finely ground organic oatmeal which removes the outer layers of dead skin and any dirt or grease, very gently and has the effect of immediately smoothing any bumps or spots that may be starting. It leaves behind a moisturising film that will protect the skin against environmental damage and dryness. The gentle herbs deep clean and balance as well as healing the skin but without producing any irritation. It is gentle enough to be used every day.

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