Sweet Orange & Blossom Botanical Bee Candle



A complementary blend of energising citrus aromas and relaxing lavender. Fresh top notes of dried rosemary are sweetened with orange rind and lavender, resting on a base of palmarosa and clean cedarwood. Lavender oil, orange oil, palmarosa oil and rosemary oil are all known for their relaxation and calming properties. Cedarwood oil helps to relax body, decrease hyperactivity and encourage the onset of sleep.

Botanical Bee Collection


The symbiotic relationship between bees and flowers developed over 100 million years ago. Over the centuries, flowers adapted their scents and colours to be more attractive to bees. Established in Dublin in 1488, we at Rathbornes candles are masters of long relationships. The botanical bee collection captures the complex scents of these flowers producing a 100% natural candle which can positively impact our emotional and physical wellbeing and that of the whole environment. We have carefully selected our bespoke blended oils to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep and relaxation and improve mood.

Our unique blend of beeswax, rapeseed and coconut provides a truly sustainable option while ensuring a clean, slow, perfect burn. Each of our waxes are eco-friendly and sourced from entirely natural processes with no issues with intensive farming or GMO’s. Rapeseed is grown throughout the UK and Ireland therefore reducing the carbon footprint and bees love the nectar produced by the fields of yellow flowers.

We have used the barest of packaging made from mostly recycled paper and card which is in itself 100% recyclable. Even the glass is sprayed with water based paint and therefore suitable for recycling.

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