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Our Philosophy

Everything you see on our site is exclusively Made in Ireland, that is something that will never change. By buying Irish you'll be supporting many Irish small and medium sized makers, which will in turn help to create more jobs.

Photo: Sam agus Nessa

our belief

We believe that Ireland produces the best products in the world. We’re so proud of this little Country, and of the Makers and Doers who are so passionate about their craft. is a platform to show the world what our wonderful Irish producers have to offer, all in the one place. 

Our Gurantee

Made of Irish is a part of the Louis Copeland & Sons family, so you can be guaranteed to receive the very best customer service. We are customer obsessed and we go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience. 

Featured product

15" Bowl - Spalted Beech

Fred O'Mahony

15" Bowl - Spalted Beech


Each bowl has stunning, unique grain patterns, and is made from sustainable sources. On the bottom of each piece is inscribed, the type of wood and where the timber was sourced.Perfect as a fruit or salad bowl. 

A truly Individual Piece

Size 15 inch x 5 inch