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Why Made of Irish Corporate Gifts?

  • Premium Quality Products
  • Supporting Local Businesses
  • Showcasing the uniqueness of Irish Craft & Design
  • Attentive and personal customer service
Made of Irish is an online store showcasing The Best Irish-Made Goods in Ireland. A sister business of Louis Copeland, where the idea originated. Every year we send out different corporate hampers to our customers and employees. We really wanted to support local Irish businesses while sending out our gifts, but found it difficult to find one website where all the products are exclusively Irish-owned and Irish-made. That sparked us to set up Made of Irish.

Corporate Gifting Ireland 

In all successful companies and corporations there are specific departments, heavily involved in employee health and well-being, both physical and emotional. Corporate gifting, both at planned intervals, sporadically or during events such as the birth of a child, has a profound impact on the relationships developed between employees and the company. As humans, we need to know that we matter. Thoughtful gifting shows empathy, and we know that empathy is key to building relationships that last.

At Made of Irish, we offer a bespoke Irish Corporate Gift catalog of ethically sourced goods. All of the makers on our websites are local Irish businesses, each item is crafted using only the best materials and are designed, made and manufactured in Ireland. Considering the movement to shop local at the moment, Made of Irish is the perfect way to provide memorable experiences and make connections with your employees and customers, whilst also supporting the local Irish economy and small businesses.

We have a wide range of products and hampers, including customisable Irish Corporate Hampers suitable for all budgets.
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