Why Made of Irish?

One: A little goes a long way

When you make the decision to buy Irish, you do more than receive a candle or blanket. For every €10 spent on Irish products, it generates more than €40 of benefit to local communities. From our Made of Irish makers to the suppliers they work with and the coffee shops they go to, the knock on effect of your choice has benefits on more people than you could ever imagine.

Two: Unique and Diverse Products

I can’t think of a better way to describe this other than any Tom, Dick or Harry can go to a large multinational supermarket and pick out a standardized lamp, but when you shop with Copper Fish Studios, you gain the opportunity to show off a beautiful and unique piece of art, that not one other soul in the world will ever have the luxury of owning (unless you give it to them as a gift, which in that case, you are very sound).

Three: Customer Service

For anyone who doesn’t know. Made of Irish is a sister business of Louis Copeland, Ireland’s premium formal and casualwear men’s clothing store, with a reputation including attention to detail and a superbly high level of customer service. Every person that walks through the doors of Louis Copeland Store (whether in-store or online) is given the full attention of a member of staff, their specific needs are listened to and attended to in a friendly and enjoyable manner. This is something we have transferred over to Made of Irish. We listen to our customers and try our very best to make sure that every purchase and every order feels like a fun and enjoyable experience.

Four: Green is the new Black

Buying online from international websites means trains, planes and automobiles that create crazy high levels of pollution. Buying locally made goods from local producers and selling it to local people leaves a much smaller carbon footprint and is an industry that we are proud to be a part of. It’s hard to be all things to all people, and sometimes sustainability can fall to the lower end of your agenda, but when you choose to shop with Made of Irish, just click the button, let the feeling of being a good citizen wash over you, and we can handle the rest.


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